Stacked Logs

B.A. Blackwell and Associates Ltd. work with Reg Renner of Atticus Financial and utilize our unique experiences and professional networks to access a wide range of both technical and field experiences. Our team recognizes the growing value of the bioenergy sector in BC and across North America. We have comprehensive experience in: biomass energy evaluation and implementation, including financial modeling for woodlands and pellet production plant feasibility; wood quality properties of pellets; biomass inventory development related to pellet production; harvesting strategies unique to pellet operations; and carbon offsetting planning and analysis. We have assisted clients and stakeholders in the following areas:

  • Completion of biomass thermal based district energy feasibility studies
  • Development of web-based financial analysis tools for biomass heating projects
  • Financing of biomass projects and equipment requirements
  • Identification and applying for forest tenure for wood pellet fibre supply
  • Identification of biomass utilization options for community fuel treatments, wood waste utilization and mountain pine beetle impacted stands
  • Implementation of woodlands management systems appropriate for the delivery of wood fibre for wood pellet production and thermal heating applications
  • Developed reports and provided expert opinion for legal services