Forest Ecology

Helicopter in Field

Forest ecology is the foundation for sound management decision-making. Our senior ecologists have experience in the development and application of the BC biogeoclimatic ecosystem classification (BEC) system which enables us to undertake accurate and comprehensive sampling, description and interpretation of ecosystems. Specifically, we provide services in Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping (TEM), forest ecological assessment and forest ecosystem based management applications to support forest and environmental management and stewardship. We have completed mid-scale TEM for over 4 million hectares of coastal British Columbia, ranging from small urban parks to entire Timber Supply Areas. We have consistently delivered high quality products on time and on budget since 1997.

B.A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd. have developed landscape-level management applications based on TEM spatial data, including:


  • Site index adjustment

  • Fertilization planning

  • Operability and trafficability analyses

  • Tree species suitability

  • Conservation planning