B.A. Blackwell in Ontario

Our staff's knowledge and skills are diverse and include multiple disciplines needed to successfully practice urban forest management, including:

Ecological Land Classification (ELC), strategic planning and development of urban forest strategies, forest health assessments, silviculture prescriptions, invasive insect identification (e.g. EAB and ALHB), forest pathology, wildfire risk management, tree risk and arboriculture. The breadth of our experience provides us with a unique approach to urban forest management.

We provide a range of services carried out by qualified professionals from tree risk assessments and inventories, to the development of detailed urban forest management strategies and ecosystem restoration planning. We have worked closely with municipalities across Canada to develop policy and implementation tools such as development permit areas to assist them in sustainably managing their urban forests.


Forest and Woodlot Management

  • Ecological Land Classification (ELC)
  • Species at risk and Endangered species research, mapping and advice for landowners
  • Forest and tree management plans and prescriptions
  • Forest health assessments and ecosystem based management planning
  • Woodlot management and silviculture prescriptions
  • Forest inventory and mapping
  • Wildlife habitat surveys
  • Ecosystem management and restoration planning
  • Nut orchard health assessments and management plans
  • Butternut health assessments

Urban Forest Management

  • Urban forest management strategies
  • Environmental stewardship policy development
  • Tree canopy cover analysis (Present day and historic canopy cover trends and analysis)
  • Air photo interpretation, vegetation mapping and LiDAR tree canopy analysis
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Calculation of ecological goods and services (stormwater, pollution, carbon sequestration etc.)
  • Invasive species mapping and management (Buckthorn, EAB, ALHB)
  • Urban forest fire management
  • Tree risk assessment, management, policy development and expert witness services
  • Tree retention planning and management on development sites
  • Tree and vegetation species selection and planting

Municipal Services

  • Ecological Land Classification (ELC)
  • Species at Risk, Endangered species research, mapping and advice
  • Significant woodland assessments (in compliance with the provincial policy statement)
  • Subject Land Status Reports (SLSR)
  • Forest health assessments and strategies (e.g. EAB, ALHB European Buckthorn)
  • Tree inventory
  • Tree risk assessments and policy development