Urban Forestry

The growing recognition of the multiple benefits provided by urban forests and the challenges associated with maintaining the health and resilience of urban forests has resulted in an evolution in urban forest management. Our staff’s knowledge and skills are diverse and span multiple disciplines including but not limited to ecology, arboriculture, entomology and pathology. Additionally, our firm has Qualified Environmental Professionals (QEPs) with experience completing Wildfire Hazard Assessments and Riparian Area Regulation Assessments for Development Permit Applications.

Our services include:

Detailed urban forest management strategies

    • City of Vancouver Urban Forest Strategy
    • City of London Urban Forest Strategy
    • City of Kelowna Urban Forest Strategy
    • Urban Forest Health Strategy and Management Plan for RDCO Parks

Ecosystem management and restoration planning

    • District of North Vancouver Framework for Ecosystem Based Management
    • Stanley Park Restoration and Implementation Strategy

Invasive species mapping and management

    • Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping and Species at Risk Habitat Mapping of Metro Vancouver Regional Parks, Conservancy Areas, Reserves and Greenways
    • Resort Municipality of Whistler Ecosystem and Species at Risk Habitat Mapping

Basic tree assessments (hazard danger tree and forest health) and inventories

  • Tree maintenance or replacement plans and prescriptions
    • Tree Management Plan for the Whistler Village 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Celebration Centre

Inventory, mapping and canopy cover analyses