B. A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd.25 Years Serving BC and Beyond

B.A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd. are Canadian forestry consultants dedicated to providing high quality, cost-efficient professional forestry and environmental management services. We have diverse experience in a range of forest management disciplines and are at the forefront of Canadian forestry and forestry practice in BC.

Our firm was established in 1988 and provides integrated forestry and environmental consulting services to both government and private sector clients. The firm is based in North Vancouver and consists of four senior associates and a team of professional, technical and administrative staff.

Bruce and Bob

B.A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd. staff professionals include foresters, biologists, ecologists, ISA certified arborists, GIS technicians and project managers. In addition, we utilize specialists in wildlife biology, geotechnical engineering and archaeology to provide sub-consultant services as required. By using a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving, our clients’ needs can be addressed effectively and efficiently.

The company holds SAFE Company Certification from the BC Forest Safety Council and has an impeccable safety record. In addition, we hold relevant insurance policies and registrations to work in both Canada and the US.

Our strong corporate capacity allows us to manage large and small projects, encompassing all aspects of contracting, administration, safety, quality assurance, and project management planning for environmental and forestry related projects. We strive for the highest integrity and quality in our work and subscribe to internationally recognized project management practices.

We recently opened a new office in Ontario. Click here to get more detailed summary of the services offered.