B.A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd. provide forest engineering services with a professional emphasis on stewardship and sustainable forest practices.


Forest Road and Cutblock Design

  • We design and lay out roads and cutblocks to meet the challenges of difficult terrain, visually sensitive areas, and sensitive forest types, while protecting non-timber values
  • Experience with layout for clearcut and partial cut silviculture systems using cable, aerial and ground-based logging systems
  • Road rehabilitation and deactivation

Logging and Falling Supervision

  • We ensure compliance with client SOPs, logging plans and silviculture prescriptions

Long Range Plans

  • Specialization in liaison work with various resource agencies, First Nations and the public to compile all required information to facilitate total resource and landscape unit planning

Forest Stewardship Plans

  • Experience with preparation and submission, public advertising, First Nations consultation, resource agency referrals and government approval

Permit and Lease Applications

  • Experience preparing and submitting applications for cutting permits, burning permits, special use permits and road permits

Visual Quality Analysis

  • Conduct operational planning, harvesting and road compliance audits in addition to evaluations of client SOPs and forest stewardship plans approved under the Forest and Range Practices Act

Timber Cruising

  • Provide all planning and field timber cruising services for various clients on the coast and interior including industrial forestry, mining and research projects

Timber Valuation

  • Provide services to support the sale and/or transfer of both public and private forest land, and license or tenure risk assessments.
  • Experience with development of financial analysis tools to assess both second growth and old growth forests in the valuation of forestland assets.