Our leading-edge GIS department has wide-ranging capabilities in programming, analysis, and cartography. We can provide expert resources and application development to a range of sectors, including forestry and resource management, utilities and municipalities.

B.A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd. offers a wide range of professional consulting and technical services in the areas of Digital Mapping, GIS Applications and Spatial Analysis.

We have the knowledge and resources to help with all your mapping and data needs. Our experienced staff can provide everything from data capture to translations, and analysis to software implementation.

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Spatial Data Capture, Editing and Manipulation

  • GPS, ArcPad field form customization, Collector and Survey123 setup and support
  • 3D data capture and editing using PurVIEW
  • Dynamic image processing (air photo to orthophotos, mosaics, image compression)
  • Spatial data processing, including developing it into a relevant data model and converting it to a format compatible with your software requirements
  • LiDAR data processing and analysis

Spatial Analysis (vector or raster based)

  • Development of models in order to construct analytical algorithms
  • Interpret and visualize spatial relationships, trends and patterns

Development and Customization

  • Desktop and web applications development for spatial data visualization and attribute manipulation.
  • ArcGIS customizations and tools development using VB.Net and Python


  • Production of a wide range of mapping products from initial design to production, in digital or hardcopy format;
  • High quality printing in large formats

We ensure our clients' standards are met by staying up-to-date with all major software packages and technology.